School Supply Shopping 101

Part 1: A Rainbow of Colors.

It’s that time of year to check out the hot deals for school supplies. I always experience  a twinge of excitement when I begin perusing the store ads and online deals.  My distraction begins as the first sales are advertised.Books Education Female Girl Learning Rabbi I am not alone; just ask your friends for full discloser. I may have to start a support group…”The Secret Life of  School Supply Shoppers.”

I wear several hats when it comes to school supplies. My professional hat is the teacher hat. I have learned over the years which brands meet mine and my student’s needs for the classroom as far as hardiness and quality.  My life long hat, which I consider a crown,  is my mommy hat. After homeschooling 5 kiddos to college, I have a long lasting relationship with everything school. Lastly, I eagerly shop for those special items while wearing the Grammy hat. I love buying that special folder or paint set to use at Grammy’s house.  My sweet babies get so excited to have nice supplies just for fun.

As a parent, I am thrilled to share in my kiddo’s eagerness to acquire new glossy folders, fresh markers, and  the always coveted new box of crayons in a rainbow of colors. I will admit it now, I always end up with several items just for me. Especially the crayons.Crayons Colors School Drawing Education CoOh, how I protect my new box of 64 sharp, unbroken, pretty crayons. This anniversary set complete with  metal case is the perfect way to protect and organize my set of 64 Crayola Crayons. Plus it looks decorative on my shelf instead of an old plastic pencil box. I have 2 sets! One set for my kiddos, and one for my office…just for me!

I have found that for lasting power, and richness of color, that Crayola is king for kids. Same story for markers, and water color paint oval kits. Back to school sales are the time to stalk up on these quality supplies.

Water color paint kits are a delight to kids of all ages. Owning your very own kit is a special treat since each person has their own “artistic flair.”  I can afford to  have extra at home and in my classroom if I stalk up during Back-to School shopping. This set pleases one and all with so many color choices.

For younger children age 5 and under I have included a set with fewer color choices. That age group seems to enjoy mixing all the colors which causes great consternation for parents and older children who like to keep their colors separate. This set also comes with a better quality brush to endure all that mixing! I highly suggest buying several of these smaller sets so younger kiddos can enjoy  “new” colors all year as they practice their artistic skills.

I am so excited to share a new paint set with you.  It makes buying painting supplies for home or gifts so easy. This set is an All-in-One complete set. Just add water! Everything a young artist needs to be inspired and get started painting.  I know it can be frustrating when you buy new art supplies just to realize you don’t have the right paper or brush. This complete set solves that problem. Plus everything is safely tucked into it’s own carrying case! How cool is that? I wish they had these when my children were little!

Many times I have regretted not buying extras for mid -year replacement, birthday gifts, visitors, and to replace sets in my classroom. Yes! School supplies for birthday gifts. Whether it is a summer, or mid-winter birthday, kids and adults appreciate and love new supplies.  About 2 months after I start painting with my new painting sets, I always wish I had another because undoubtedly I have used up several colors. The take away here is to collect extras, because you never know when you will need a new painting set.

So there you go. The ins and outs of crayons and paint sets. Stay tuned for part 2:  “Perfect Pencils.”

Kids These Days.

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